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Smoke Generators for Industrial & Commercial use.

iFX is the exclusive Australian Distributor of EG Smoke's Pyrotechnic Smoke Generators. These non-toxic, cool burning, biodegradable smoke simulation devices offer the most advanced and cleanest pyrotechnic coloured smoke effects available. Use them to increase the realism of your fire or emergency training scenario without the heat and toxicity.

Used worldwide by creatives for stunning visual effects in photography, film & TV production, these versatile products will also up the ante on your paintball challenges. 

IndustryFX's range of EG Smoke Products allow you to choose your smoke volume, speed and colour for perfect results. 

EG25 BLUE v2.jpg

EG25 Micro Smoke

25 seconds of non-toxic smoke in your choice of 9 colours

Commonly used in the photography, videography and events industries, the EG25 is operated by pulling the ring out of the side of the product. 25 seconds of coloured, non-toxic smoke will follow.

Smoke from the EG25 is delivered from a single vent at the top of the device. 

For more detailed technical information click here.


90 seconds of non-toxic smoke in your choice of 9 colours

The WP40 is the best selling EG Smoke Generator and used by everyone from Emergency Training, Industrial Testing, Film & Creative production, through to Paintball. 

For more detailed technical information click here.

WP40 YELLOW v2.jpg
green-burst-smoke-grenade v3.jpg

Twin Vent

Same smoke volume as the WP40, but with twin vent burst 25 second discharge

The unique twin vent design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and provides a quick burst of dense smoke. It has a multitude of uses but enjoys high demand from combat sports and photographers.

For more detailed technical information click here.


Go big with 90 seconds of high smoke output available in 8 colours

The high output EG18 has a multitude of uses and is popular in emergency training and combat simulation and film-makers who need a thick covering of smoke.

For more detailed technical information click here.

red-eg18-smoke-grenade v2.jpg
white-eg18x-cover-smoke v2.jpg


Go even bigger, faster. 50 seconds of high output, non-toxic smoke for the most realistic training scenarios

The same form factor as the EG18 but with faster discharge, the EG18X can really get a training simulation or high-impact creative production moving quickly.

For more detailed technical information click here.



Choose between 20 through 90 seconds of smoke duration and at different rates, depending on your application.


The unparalleled colour intensity sets EG Smoke apart from the rest. EG25, WP40, Twin Burst come in 9 colours and the EG18 & EG18X in 8 colours, you can create the perfect scenario.


EG pioneered the smoke effects industry back in mid-90's. Their UK-based pyrotechnic research and development remains unrivalled.


Our products have passed strict government tests in the USA and Canada, and are CE approved in Europe.


Anyone over the age of 18, that meets the risk management obligations, can use the EG Smoke Products without additional training. Simply pull the ring out of the side and the smoke will start to flow.


EG smoke products are developed with both user and environmental safety in mind. All our smoke is non-toxic and each unit also has a fully biodegradable body.


IndustryFX is committed to workplace and community safety. We've sourced the safest, most reliable and realistic smoke simulating devices in the world and made them available in Australia - but they do come with risks. As they are a pyrotechnic device they are classified as a dangerous good and require careful risk management in the storage, discharge and disposal of these products. In addition, EG Smoke Products can only be ordered from IndustryFX in commercial quantities (boxes of 50) as they are intended for commercial use.

Please read our full conditions of sale here:

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