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IndustryFX's EG Smoke Sale Conditions & Compliance Requirements

The end user (customer) is required to provide photo identification either with a valid driver’s license or a passport.

The IndustryFX's sales officer shall direct the end user to the iFX EG Smoke Product Authorised Reseller card at the point of sale to initiate the end user registration agreement. This QR Code generated web form records the following information that must be completed prior to leaving the PoS with EG Smoke products;

  • The Reseller ID number located at the base of the QR Code

  • The full name, address and contact details and drivers license number of the end user, validated by the copy of the drivers license or passport taken by the sales officer.

  • The type of product and quantity sold.

  • The selection of the all the user waiver and acknowledgement of the safe user instruction option box.

  • The general intent selecting how the product will be used.

  • The submission of the form to iFX Smoke Sales Officer for the Reseller.

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