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Training your Team leader, On-scene Commander and Incident Controllers in real time.

VSTEP is the world leader in the development of Real Time Virtual Reality for emergency and security training environments. The VSTEP Response Simulator is a VR development environment that allows you to build sites and incident specific emergency management training scenarios. IndustryFX is a VSTEP Approved Response Simulator Developer and Training Partner.


Real Time Virtual Reality (RTVR) is a safe and immersive method of teaching practical skills to your workforce. When applied to emergency management RTVR is the only safe and effective method of training leadership to work within a formal structure and to implement response methodologies that produce a real time outcome. Desktops do not test the senses just the practice. Use RTVR and your team will implement and visualise the practices and processes within your organisation Emergency Management Plan (EMP).

Every action has a positive and negative reaction, test the choices made by your team safely under pressure in real time. As Emergency management team members, we must practice communication across four operational levels;


Crisis Management Team


Incident Control Team


On-scene Commanders


Team Leader and the Response Team

Test communication using your EMP and develop resilience within your emergency management structure through the analysis of outcomes and individual performance.

Why Use Virtual Reality Training?

Safe, controlled and highly productive

Tests communication within realistic scenarios

Easy to set up and execute

Hands on learning to improve recall

Simplifies complex situations

Promotes the use of formal plans

Train for risk identification

Build situational awareness


RS Aviation.png

Develop and test trigger action response plans (TARP’s) in an environment that replicates your site aerodrome. Choose your plane, choose your appliance and set the variables that your team has to control.

Picture 1.png

Unique internal and external access and realism. Work around the fuselage and implement all the credible hazards a responder can be exposed to.

Airport Ratio 1.JPG

Ensure the highest operational level of Aerodrome emergency preparedness. VSTEP has an extensive library of appliances and all planes types used for FiFo in Australia.

Water landing.png

Remote accident locations, at sea or at your aerodrome. VSTEP can simulate the environments identified in your operational risk assessments.

Changi Airport AVPL RS 1 A.jpg

Used by international airport emergency services such as Changi, Singapore (Pictured)


inland onfire with wind.PNG

Simulate onboard fires located at different points of the ship. Cargo, engine bays or drew quarters. Manage water ingress and egress and all system considerations to ensure the vessel maintains buoyancy.

Marine 1.png

Port incidents – select your type of port, carrier and your appliance. Include foam totes and fixed systems to ensure your Team Leader, On-scene Commander and Incident controller are communicating using the TARP’s and within the EMP.

Ships outside.PNG

Ensure the highest operational level of Port facility emergency preparedness. VSTEP has an extensive library of appliances and all carrier types used for resource shipping in Australia.


Pernis (1).PNG

Process facilities – Hydrocarbon, refining, smelting or material movement (balance machines and conveyors). We can use your .obj or ,dat schematic to develop customised renders of your Major Hazard Facility to test control rooms, field responders and the incident control. Let us take your HAZOP response from the desktop to real time.


Scenario Design.png

Let us develop a scenario from our resource library to meet your operational needs or contact our consultancy team to develop a customised facility (camp, process plant or equipment type) with events that meet your emergency preparedness obligations.

Our development and lecture team are qualified and experienced engineers with professional emergency response experience. The development and lecture team have worked around the globe in all industries at the forefront of emergency preparedness and management systems.

We can build the environment from our library or to your specific project needs.

We can develop credible scenarios that develop your leadership capacity and communications.

We can develop and integrate your emergency management systems to ensure seamless integration between coordination, control, command and combat levels

We train your team to manage and communicate at all levels using your plan and your site specific events.

We debrief, provide opportunities for improvement and guide the team.

We improve your team in real time testing them against recordable metrics.


Wildfire, scrub, grassland and forest simulator

Security, BIO Hazard and HAZMAT environment

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